Adjusting the weight of your POINT scale through the iOS mobile app

Recovering the Weight of Your POINT Device (iOS)

Adjusting your Weight

We all have oops moments in our lives, and when it comes to scales sometimes that can happen by not turning the scale on before you load a grain cart, seed tender, feed wagon, TMR mixer or something of the sort. We allow you to "put weight" back into your scale by simply "Adjusting" the weight on your screen.  Of course, this is just an estimate of what you think you put on the scale, but none the less, it is sometimes better than nothing to have a relatively close number.  When your hopper is empty, you can re-zero your scale and start from a known zero point.

This is not the same as re-calibrating.  Adjusting the weight on your scale only adjusts the active weight reading, it does not adjust the calibration.

1.  Click on the device settings button on the live scale page of the mobile app

2. Click on Adjust Scale Weight line of the settings list.

3.  Type in the new weight you want displayed on the POINT screen and click "Set Weight"

Congratulations!  You have just updated the weight on your POINT screen.  Observe the new weight on your POINT device and mobile app.

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