Amp Power Cable

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    • Digi-Star Amp Load Cell Cable

    • Crown 2-Pin Power Cable

      Crown 2 PIN 12v DC Power Connector PIN Color Description A RED or WHITE + 12 V DC B BLACK  GROUND The wire colors inside the indicator are opposite of the chart above.
    • 8-pin Amp Connector to CP130 (Digi-Star Indicators) Cable

      Pin 2 Orange Pin 3 Yellow Pin 6 Green Photo of Cable above
    • Crown 4-Pin Load Cell Cable

      CROWN 4-PIN CONNECTOR WIRE ILLUSTRATION  PIN COLOR A WIRE BRAID B RED C BLACK D WHITE NOTE:  4 PIN Load Cells/Weigh-Bars can not be intermixed with 5-PIN Load Cells.   They can, however, be summed together at a junction box and utilized with a 5 PIN ...
    • Pin-Out for Digi-Star Autolog Sensor

      The below is the pin-out for the weather pack on a Digi-Star Autolog PTO sensor/Rotation Counter Sensor. Pin A - Black Pin B - Brown Pin C - Blue Sensor to pigtail color matching Black    - White Brown  - Red Blue.    - Black