Calibration Number Equation

Calibration Number Equation

Here is the equation to figure out what the calibration number would be.

.4 mv/v    X    Capacity    X    # of Bars    /    mv/v Output of the weigh bar  =    good starting Calibration #


We will be using a 141907 weigh bar in this example.  Capacity 30,000 # and has 1.5 mv/v at that capacity.  

.4 mv/v  X   30,000 #’s     X      3 weigh bars      /    1.5 mv/v  =     24000

***  Please note   ***  I said that there were 3 of the 141907 weigh bars even though the hitch weigh bar would probably be a 143480 weigh bar.  The reason for this is that the hitch capacity and mv/v ratio is the same for the hitch bar and the spindle.  

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