Choosing a Mode

Choosing a Mode

POINT has several modes that it can operate in.
To select a different mode, touch the "Choose Mode" button at the bottom of the live scale screen.

Once the Modes screen opens, select which mode you would like to use.

POINT will return to the Live Scale screen once the mode has been changed successfully.

Basic - This mode is suitable for most scale applications and operates as a basic scale.
Chute Scale - Recommended for scales used to weigh livestock.  It turns on features such as Weight Lock-on and Zero Tracking.
Performance Beef Chute Scale - Required for scales used to weigh livestock with the PLA Animal Health app.
Grain Cart -  Designed specifically for use with a Scale-Tec PULSE device on grain carts. (includes GPS settings)
Garmin GPS - Applies the settings necessary for the GPS used with PULSE to work correctly.
ISOBUS - ON - Enables the setting for POINT to communicate with ISO Standard.
ISOBUS - OFF - Disables the setting for POINT to communicate with ISO Standard.
Shiftronic - Enables compatibility with Triolet Shiftronic systems.
PowerUp - Enables PTO status recognition for REAP through ISOBUS

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