Firmware: Pushing an Update to Your POINT (Android)

Firmware Update

POINT allows for over the air updates of firmware.  As we seek to improve point with more capability and maintenance, we will periodically push updates to your mobile app.   You can then push the update over the air (wireless) to your POINT device.  

You will no longer need to send your scale hardware into a service center, or need to use complicated menu processes to update your POINT device.  We made it as simple as turning on your POINT, connecting and tapping a button on your mobile device.

POINT will automatically power cycle (turn off then back on) during the firmware update, this is normal.

1. On the Live Scale screen, tap the Device button.

2. Select Firmware from the menu.

3. The Firmware page will show your POINT's current firmware information.  If there is a new firmware available, press UPDATE FIRMWARE.

4. A message will appear warning you not to disconnect power during the update.  Tap START UPDATE.

5. A progress bar will move across the screen once or twice.

6. The screen on the POINT will now turn off for up to 2 minutes.  During this time, do not disconnect power to the POINT.  It will power back up on its own.

7. Once the POINT powers on, it will reconnect to the app.  The app will then update to show the updated firmware.

Congratulations, you have just updated the firmware on your POINT!

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