REAP Grain Cart Mode and Remote Modes

Grain Cart Mode and Remote Mode in REAP


After unloading your grain cart and no load visually appears to be captured within the REAP system, the first thing you should check is the mode the app is in.  If you are in the grain cart, the mode needs to be in the Grain Cart Mode.

The mobile device (iPad or iPhone) located in the tractor cab pulling the grain cart, needs to be in Grain Cart Mode.
  • Collects the Load Ticket
  • Allows for "Zero Balance" button of the scale indicator.
  • Allows for manual initiation of the "Unload" button and indicator.
  • Annotated by "GREEN" banner in the upper part of the screen.


An infinite amount of remote users can be connected to the scale system in remote mode.   

  • Provides simultaneous live weight viewing.
  • Provides the ability to view and change selections of the field, truck, moisture, destination and operator.  (Note: you will need the paid subscription to change selections remotely).
  • Provides the ability to temporarily "Zero" the scale called the "TARE" function, without affecting the Grain Carts scale screen.
  • Will not collect the load record (if you are in this mode in the grain cart, you will fail to collect the load record, this is for remote viewing only).
  • Annotated by the "Gray" banner in the upper part of the scale screen.
  • You can still access remote mode when outside the range of the bluetooth® wireless technology device.  The advantage of doing this is to quickly make a selection change when out of range of the grain cart.  (ie.. you made a parts run and forgot to change the field name on the grain cart tractor, you can do this remotely from the parts store).

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