REAP Web Dashboard Grain Shrink Policy

Grain Shrink Policy Setup Within REAP

Grain Shrink Policies

IMPORTANT: Prior to adding any fields or destinations, you must setup your shrink policies.  You will be able to select your shrink policy when setting up a field or destination and apply the appropriate shrink policy to the field or destination.   As a default, a USDA type of formula has be created on your account.  This can be edited and/or deleted.

IMPORTANT:  You can only setup grain shrink policies within the web dashboard of REAP.  You can not setup or edit grain shrink policies within the mobile app.

NOTE:  You can setup a destination shrink policy separate from a field shrink policy.   The intent here is to allow you to match your grain shrink for your storage profiles.  Over experience with REAP we have found that growers will harvest from one field and deliver to multiple destinations with multiple shrink policies between the destinations.

REAP will support an infinite amount of customized grain shrink policies within the three types of grain shrink formula...

USDA TYPE:   This is the standard type of shrink formula utilized by the USDA for grain shrink calculations
NOTE:  As a default REAP has setup a default grain shrink policy called USDA which closely matches the shrink formulas provided by USDA guidance.  

FIXED TYPE:  This is a grain shrink formula that applies a raw "percent" (%) as a fixed percent of shrink to gross bushels per point of moisture value.

BRACKETED TYPE:  This is a grain shrink formula that applies different ranges of moisture and "percent" (%) of shrink as applied to gross bushels.

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