How to Troubleshoot the PTO Sensor on a GT 460 and GT 560

How to Troubleshoot the PTO Sensor on a GT 460 and GT 560

How to troubleshoot the PTO sensor on a GT460 and GT560

  • Check cabling for cut or pinched wires.

  • Verify that the sensor has not been damaged by the "Target" it is important that proper 0.125" clearance is maintained.

  • Rotate target in front of sensor to make sure it is close enough to the sensor, if so it should light up.

  • Check the accuracy of the detected RPM
The procedure to check the RPM detected by the indicator is different between the GT460 and the GT560.  See the appropriate section below.

 GT460                                                                                                                          GT560


  • Check indicator settings

If the RPMs read by the indicator appear to be accurate, check the autolog settings on the indicator.  These settings may need to be adjusted to each individual application.  See the section below for the indicator in question.

GT460                                                                                                                                             GT560


These settings are most easily accessed using D.A.N. numbers.  To view each setting, type the corresponding D.A.N. number and press "SELECT".  Then press "SELECT" to cycle through options for the setting or use the key pad to type a desired value.  Press "ENTER" to save the selected setting.

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