Libra/iForeman Calibration and Operation

Libra/iForeman Calibration and Operation


Connecting the APP to the I-Foreman/Libra Device:

 I)      Open APP and go to SETTINGS tab.

2)      Push the + button on the top left of APP.

3)      Once the APP finds the device type in the Cart Name, then push Okay.

Calibrating the Device

1)      Go to the DEVICE tab.

2)      Key .4 to the Sensitivity tab.

3)      Key in the Rated Capacity. ( the rated capacity is the equivalent to CAL # for Digi-Star scale heads )

Re-Calibrating the Device

1)      Go to DEVICE tab.
2)      Key in the total of the certified readings.
3)      Key in the total of the grain cart readings.
4)      Press the Calculate button. ( The calibration factor will change on its own. )
5)      Press the Save Settings button.


1)      Press the FIELDS tab.
2)      Hit the + sign.
3)      Enter Grower Name, and push okay.
4)      Press the FARMS> tab.
5)      Hit the + sign.
6)      Enter Farm Name, and push okay.
7)      Hit the + sign.
8)      Enter the Field Name, and Area amount ( Acres ), and push okay.
9)      Press the INFO> tab of the Field Name you want.
10)      Press the SELECT COMMODITY tab.
11)      Choose the commodity being harvested in that field by tapping on the name of the commodity. Once the check mark appears next to that commodity press the BACK tab in the top left corner.


I)      Press the TRUCKS tab.
2)      Hit the + sign.
3)      Enter trucking company name. and press okay.
4)      Press TRUCK> tab.
5)      Hit the + sign.
6)      Enter the truck name/number, empty weight. and maximum full weight.


  I)      Press the DESTINATIONS tab.

2)      Hit the + sign.

3)      Enter in the Destination location.

4)      Press the DESTINATIONS> tab.

5)      Hit the -I- sign.

6)      Enter bin name/number.

7)      Press okay.


1)      Press the DEVICE tab.

2)      Press the ZERO SCALE tab.

3)      Press YES when prompted.


1)      Press the DISPLAY tab.

2)      Press the moisture that is being displayed in the bottom left corner of display.

3)      Enter in the correct moisture.

4)      Press okay.


1)      Press the DISPLAY tab.

2)      Press the test weight that is being displayed in the bottom right corner of display.

3)      Enter in the correct test weight.

4)      Press okay.


1)      Make sure you are in the DISPLAY tab.

2)      Pull up to the truck and fold the auger over.

3)      Press the UNLOAD tab.

4)      Unload as much as needed.

5)      Press the SAVE tab.

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