Login to REAP Mobile App

To login to utilize REAP, you must first register for a REAP account.  Please refer to the help article "Registering for REAP" to create and register a REAP account.

After you have registered a REAP account, you will now be able to login and use the mobile app.

First time users, and login must be accomplished with internet connection.  Once the login is completed, internet connection is not required to log into the app.

1.  Launch the REAP app from you mobile device.

2. Touch the "Username or Name" field and type in your username.

3. Touch the "Password" field and type in your password.

4. Touch blue "LOGIN" button.

The REAP app will store your password on the device, and remain logged into your account.   You will not need to "re-login" after initial log in, unless you choose to log out of the app.   This simplifies use and allows for quick launch of the mobile app.

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to recover your account by going to the REAP web dashboard and resetting your forgotten password.  Scale-Tec is not able to see your password.  We can reset your password, which will require a phone call to our support team for verification (1-888-962-2344)

The screen shot below depicts the login screen on your mobile device, after launching the app.