Installation Manual 7600410 RevA Grain Cart Track Prefab Hitch

Scale Installation

The scale kit consists of mounting four axle support load cells, one hitch load cell, one J-box and a scale indicator to support the hopper.

1.  Hitch Grain Cart to Tractor.  Park the grain cart on a firm level surface.  Ensure you set the parking brake and block the tires of the tractor and the grain cart.  Shutoff the engine and remove the ignition key.

2.  Raise the left side of the cart by lifting under the outer end of rear support on the hopper frame.

  SAFETY!!! Ensure you properly block the Grain Cart to provide support in the event of a jack failure or lifting device failure.   Only do one side at a time.  Lifting both sides simultaneously will result in an unstable condition and result in injury or death.

3.  Starting with the right side, loosen the eight bolts that retain the hopper sub-frame to the two right side axle pin retaining brackets.  Do not remove the hardware at this time.  Refer to Figure one for location of bolts.

4.   Remove the eight bolts that retain the hopper sub-frame to the  two left side axle shaft retaining brackets.  Refer to Figure 1 for location. 

5.   Remove the bolts that retain the front and rear axle shafts to the frame of the axle assembly.

6.  Remove the axle shafts and the axle shaft retaining brackets.

7.  Remove the clevis pin and axle shaft retaining bracket from the axle shaft.

Ensure for Digi-Star Load Cells the arrow sticker is pointing down.  Ensure for Avery Weigh-Tronix weigh-bars the TOP sticker is positioned to the bottom.

8. Install the axle shaft retaining bracket onto the load cell and secure it with the clevis pin and snap rings. (Note: see IMPORTANT caution listed on figure two)

9. Install the rear portion of the load cell into the sleeve on the frame of the axle and secure it with a bolt.

10. Install the four bolts into the axle shaft retaining brackets and leave them loose.

11.  Repeat steps 2-10 for installation of the opposite side.  

12.  After both left and right side load cells are installed and hopper is lowered, tighten all of the hardware.  

13 .  Remove existing hitch and Install hitch load cell.

i.      Remove the existing hitch assembly.

ii.    Install the load cell into the sleeve routing the cable through a hole located on front sleeve.

iii.  Install the vertical retaining bolt to hold the load-cell into place on rear sleeve.

iv.  Install the receiver on the load cell.

v.    Install the retaining bolt or clevis pin as required to secure the hitch receiver to the load cell.

IMPORTANT!! For Digi-Star load cells arrow sticker must be pointed up.  For Weigh-Tronix weigh Bars “TOP” sticker must be positioned to the top


14.  Route the cables to a central location on the grain cart and install the Junction Box.  See Junction Bank Mounting installation instructions for more details.