How To Configure The J-Star Model 10

How To Configure The J-Star Model 10:

How To Configure The J-Star Model 10:

Configuring the Model 10 can be difficult.  Follow instructions carefully.

The following is a diagram to help you understand how the jumper switches can be set up:

Follow the color color diagram to know the corresponding switches. 

  • 1 Represents UP
  • 0 Represents DOWN

The current example given:

      -  Capacity is at 20000 kg in 10 kg increments, with no HOLD or ALARM

      -  Speed is set to Moderate.

This is represented in the 2nd line from the bottom of Table 1. 

Fine tune the calibration:

Once you have chosen your calibration you will need to fine tune your calibration using the "CAL SWITCH" & "CAL POT"

      - Found on the bottom of the scale head.

      - Please follow the diagram bellow to fine tune your calibration!

Attached PDF of Model 10 & 20

Attached to this article is a PDF version of the Model 10 & 20 

      - Installation Instructions 

      - Operation Manual

      - Service Parts

      - You can print it off or save it to your smart device!

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