POINT Accuracy Statement

POINT Accuracy Statement

Scale-Tec Scale Systems are designed and manufactured to provide the greatest accuracy possible. However proper installation and use are required in order to obtain the highest level of accuracy. 

When using the scale system the following must be considered in order to realize the best possible performance and accuracy. 
  1. Load cells must be installed with the proper orientation. Most load cells have a label indicating either the bending direction of the load cell. Inspect load cells to determine if the load cells are installed correctly. Incorrect installation of load cells will result in inaccurate measurement. 
  2. Load cells should not be subjected to any strains or loads other than the weight of the load. Stress or strain caused by misalignment or other factors when accurate weight readings are desired will negatively affect the accuracy.
  3. The weighing unit should be stationary with minimum movement, and on a level surface, to insure that weight readings are as accurate as possible.  
  4. The effect of movement on accuracy depends on the speed and roughness of the ground and application. Rougher terrain and faster and/or greater movement increases the degradation of accuracy.
It should also be known that POINT is not intended for use as a certified scale controller.
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