POINT Firmware Release Notes

Firmware (Version 1) Release Notes

This article is a running list of release notes for the various firmware releases for the POINT Scale Display.  Please refer to this article for bug fixes, feature releases, and improvements.

Version 1.0.0  (Initial Production Version)

Release Date: 3/1/2019
  1. No release notes as this are the initial production release of the POINT firmware.

Version 1.1.1 (Stability Maintenance)

Release Date: 8/22/2019
  1. This firmware update addresses minor defects that have been identified as field issues in the current released version. This maintenance update is intended to improve the user experience and usability.

Bug Fixes:

Bug: Zero Balance occasionally not retained on the power cycle.  

Resolution:  The offset alignment routine has been improved for reliability across a power cycle.  

Bug: Zero Weigh State Stuck

Resolution:  A check is performed on power-up...if the weigh parameter is "Z-E-R-O", then it is programmed to GROSS

Bug: Occasional glitch/pixelation on the Display

Resolution: Improved LCD sequencing.

Bug: Serial Remote Display not displaying at lower weights.

Resolution: Improved output string on serial communication for correct sync with serial remote display.

Bug: Factory Reset after power cycle upon the corruption of profile parameters.

Resolution: Parameter logic incorporated to provide redundant tables, allowing for internal partition backup of stored parameters, such as calibration.  Factory Reset should never occur after loading parameters from the mobile app, and should auto restore during any catastrophic event.   Logic to prevent corruption of parameters on the power cycle has been implemented.

Bug: OTA failure 2 out of 400 devices.

Resolution: Improved verification of processor and boot-loader writes.  

New Features

Feature: Digital Output supports control of Conveyor or Alarm based on SETPOINT program.

Version 1.2.1 (Animal RFID)

Release Date 12/9/2019
  1. This firmware update was largely in support of the Performance Livestock Analytics chute side mobile app.

BUG Fixes

No Bugs were addressed with this firmware update, specifically addresses new feature sets for Animal Weighing.

New Features

Feature: Animal Weighing UHF RFID Reader Connectivity

Feature: Animal Weighing Bluetooth RFID Reader Connectivity to the following Bluetooth enabled RFID readers (Tru-Test, Galagher, AllFlex)

Feature: Displays Tag EID on LCD when scanned from the RFID reader (UHF, HDX, or FDX readers).

Feature:  Unlocks Tag EID for rescanning on weight re-check function.

Feature: Provides EID information on transmitted load records via BLE for mobile app integration.  

Version 1.4.9  (PULSE)

Release Date: (5/8/20)
  1. This firmware update was largely in support of the PULSE integration of POINT for use within grain cart scale applications.

Bug Fixes

Bug:  POINT rendered useless if 12vdc power was lost during the process of over the air update (Inadvertently power cut due to keyed power)  

Resolution: Elements updated to further increase stability and recoverability of over the air update process within POINT to recover from a power loss during the update. 

Bug:  When in tare mode the user can not zero.

Resolution:  Message now appears on LCD that informs the user that you must stop the tare prior to zeroing the gross weight.

New Features

Feature:  New algorithm implemented to support pending and complete failed load cell conditions, with notification to the user on LCD.

Feature:  PULSE integration for use of the Vibration Sensing Technology and grain cart scale integration of REAP.

Feature: GPS Support for Garmin GPS16X series receivers and further support of PULSE.

Feature: TMR Mixer Mode for support of signal requirements sent to TMR mixer controller supporting J1939 protocol.

Feature: Display of Gross weight value in smaller characters on LCD screen while in a TARE mode.

Version 1.4.12  (Maintenance UPDATE)

Release Date: (5/15/20)
  1. This firmware update was largely in support of minor bug fixes and stability.

Bug Fixes

Bug:  POINT does not display gross weight during PULSE Sensing Mode.   

Resolution: Updated BLE advertisements to allow for gross weight advertisements during PULSE MODE.

Bug:  Firmware Update creates out of range parameters

Resolution:  Provided checksum after the firmware update that corrects out of range parameters post update protocol.

Bug: When pressing the Stop Button in REAP, after an automatic unload/tare mode, POINT does not recover PULSE Status.   

Resolution: Replicated code library for BLE Command language on manual Stop Button interaction.

New Features

No new features in this update.

Version 1.4.13  (Updated Diagnostics for Poor Load Cell Health)

Release Date: (6/16/20)
  1. This firmware update was largely in support of an improved method of load cell health detection.

New Features

Pending Load Cell Failure Detection.

Version 1.5.8  (ISOBUS SCALE, Shiftronic, PLA Chute Scale)

Release Date: (8/13/20)
  1. This firmware update provided new released features below

New Features

ISOBUS VT Integration:  New ISOBUS feature that provides an Object pool and control on a Virtual Terminal for Gross Weight, Tare Weight, and Start/Stop/Zero commands of the scale.

Shifttronic:  Serial Gross Weight implementation to allow for Triolet Shiftronic integration.

PLA Chute Scale:  RFID Reader integration for Chute Scale Application of PLA.

Version 1.6.0  (Maintenance Release)

Release Date: 9/30/20

Bug Fix:  Improved stability and performance of PULSE integration.


Version 1.7.1  (Maintenance Release)

Release Date:12/17/20

Bug Fix:  ISOBUS Error corrected for John Deere Displays.

Bug Fix:  Serial Gross Weight for Shift Tronics implementation to include negative weight values.

FEATURE:  Serial Remote Display TARE weight displayed when POINT scale is in loading or unloading mode.

Version 1.8.13  (Maintenance Release)

Release Date: 5/6/21

Bug Fix:  Updated parameter ranges to match specifications for ISOBUS parameters.

FEATURE:  Supports multiple PCB hardware versions to accommodate a single variant of Bluetooth module and dual variant.

Version 1.8.14  (Maintenance Release)

Release Date: 9/1/21

Bug Fix:  Updated parameter ranges to match specifications for ISOBUS parameters.

Bug Fix:  Updated for consideration of manufacturing fixture and run/test program.

Version 1.8.15  (Maintenance Release)

Release Date: 9/2/21

Bug Fix:  Fixes Reset problem after failed update.

Version 1.9.4 (ISOBUS PTO Engage/Disengage Status Filtering for automatic recording of weight)

Release Date:  PRODUCTION 10/26/21.   (Beta Released 10/21/2021)

Feature:  ISOBUS Filtering enabled for monitoring of the PTO Engage/Disengage status.    Provides status of PTO engagement switch as on or off and enables POINT to automatically record weight based on the switch position or clutch engagement.    Validated on Case, New Holland, and John Deere tractors that are ISOBUS enabled.

Feature:  ISOBUS NMEA-2000 integration with GNSS receivers.   Initial filtering provides location data for Lat/Long of load ticket records.

Version 2.0.4 (Apploader)

Release Date:  PRODUCTION 3/29/22.   (Beta Released 3/10/2022)

Feature:  Adds apploader to the POINT firmware allowing easier recovery from failed firmware updates moving forward.

Version 2.0.6 (Maintenance Release)

Release Date:  PRODUCTION 3/29/22.   (Beta Released 3/10/2022)

Feature:  Removes PULSE detection for better allocation of resources.

Version 2.1.14 (Maintenance Release)

Release Date:  PRODUCTION 5/18/23.

Feature:  Includes Dual Scale support and manufacturing considerations

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