REAP Connected Status

REAP: Connected or Disconnected

Your POINT scale will not show up on the Bluetooth settings on your iPad, iPhone. You will see the scale within the REAP App only.

REAP is designed to work in environments with Internet Connectivity, and in environments without internet connectivity.    It is required to have internet connectivity when initially setting up the REAP mobile app.  After initial setup, the app will store the information from the cloud in a "cache" inside the app, so that you can continue to operate without the demand of data connectivity.     Although you can use REAP without data completely (after initial setup), it really isn't a recommended practice.   There are certain limitations imposed due to lack of communication to the live server, which prevents some advanced capabilities within the mobile app.  Below is a general rule of thumb for being connected to the cloud, and disconnected to the cloud....

When internet connectivity is required...

  • First time logging into the mobile app.
  • First time adding the Bluetooth® Wireless Technology device as a cart within the mobile app and setup of the cart.
  • Adding or Editing a Field
  • Adding or Editing a Truck
  • Adding or Editing an Operator
  • Adding or Editing a Destination
  • Adding or Editing a Cart
  • When in REMOTE mode and making a new selection, or viewing load history.

When internet connectivity is not required....

  • Collecting a load ticket when dumping grain from the grain cart.
  • Selecting a field
  • Selecting a truck
  • Selecting a destination
  • Selecting an Operator
  • Changing Moisture
  • Changing Grain Cart

Checking the status of your connectivity.....

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