Creating a new season in REAP

REAP Season Management


Starting a season in REAP is very important.  If you are starting your second year or season of using REAP, you must create a new season prior to beginning field harvest operations.  Failure to start a new season in REAP will cause problems, that will have to be corrected by our software developers.   Because of this, you will be charged a fee to correct issues presented in the system due to lack of season management.   Please spend some time prior to harvest setting up your seasons before going to the field.   

What is a season in REAP?

A season in reap is the beginning of a new harvest, and an archive of an old harvest.  When you create a new season you accomplish the following...

  • Creates a historical index for reference to "look back" at previous harvest data.
  • Zero's All Destination/Storage Totals
  • Zero's All Field Totals
  • Carries over Growers, Farms and Fields
  • Carries over Destinations
  • Carries over Trucks
  • Carries over Operators

Considerations when creating a new Season

  • If you multi-crop, it may not necessarily mean you need to create a new season within REAP, especially if you are maintaining destination inventory.  In this case you will best operate REAP if you create another FIELD and label it with the appropriate commodity in the field name.   For example.... "FIELD 1 (Wheat), FIELD 1 (CORN).

  • REAP does a good job carrying over your setup from season to season, however it does not "know" what commodities you are switching between fields from season to season.  After creating a new season, you will need to edit commodities within fields and update them.

  • REAP does not know what commodities you are storing in regards to your storage.  If you are switching commodities in your storage, you will need to update your destinations to reflect the appropriate storage as well.

How to Video for Creating a new Season in REAP

Under your name in top right corner 

-Select seasons

- Add season

- Name it (year)

- Start date will be ending date for previous season

- Create

- Select Fields (all or some)

- Next

- Select commodity for each field as needed

- Next

- Destinations (select all or some)

- Next

- Destination commodity for each - change as needed

- Finish

You will need to log out and back in on each Ipad to get the new season installed.

Make sure you calibrate at the beginning of the season as the calibration number will not go backwards to previous loads.

Don’t delete destinations as it will affect previous years reports.