Selecting a new Cart within the REAP App

Selecting a Grain Cart in REAP

In order to view grain carts in a list, you must first setup grain carts within the "My Operations" area of the mobile app.  Please refer to the "My Operations" area of the help center and the help article regarding "adding a new bluetooth/scale device" to learn more.

Cart starts at 0:10

If you have connected your Bluetooth Low Energy device to your indicator and powered it on without properly adding the new device within REAP, it will still be visible and will display the address of the Bluetooth Low Energy device, such as 1REAP XX:XX.   It is intended that this selection button be used to connect to the CART after you properly setup your device within REAP.  This will also allow you to customize the Name of the device to correlate with the cart it is associated with, which is handy for accounts with multiple grain carts.

The procedure below details how to select a cart and actively set it on the scale page of the app.

Note:  Notice how the images below depict a "green bar" across the screen.   This is to represent it is in Grain Cart Mode.   In order to collect the load record, the grain cart tractor has to have a mobile device, and it has to be in grain cart mode.   If the bar is "gray" it is in the remote mode.  You will not be able to collect a record while it is in the REMOTE mode.   

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