Troubleshooting Brent 780, 782, 880, 882, 1080, 1082 ( 3 Point Compression Kits )

Troubleshooting Brent 780, 782, 880, 882, 1080, 1082 ( 3 Point Compression Kits )

Brent Series Troubleshooting  (780, 782, 880, 882, 1080, 1082)

Prior to troubleshooting these Brent Grain Cart this article for the most complete knowledge about known scale issues.

The Brent series Grain Carts are notorious for being in-accurate by as much as 4-5% or more, as well as changing weights from one location at rest, to the next location at rest (when moving from POINT A to POINT B, the weight varies significantly in each "stopped and level" location).    Some of the time the problems are discovered and remedied by the standard troubleshooting process.  However, if after troubleshooting the scale and not having success in finding the problem, follow the procedures below to identify and remedy the issue.

Additional Troubleshooting Procedures

Insure Proper Placement of Load Cells

1.       Make sure both compression load cells are straight up and down (vertical).
  -  If the cell is not straight up and down, lift the tank up just enough to remove the weight from the load cells.  Then re-adjust the bar.  ( There is enough wiggle room in the load cell sleeves to adjust the cells enough. )

Load Cell pictured above

Check for Binding on the Vertical Check Rods

2.      Attempt to shake both vertical check rods.  ( These should be completely loose, and not bound up. )
-  If they are bound up, adjust the check rods until it is no longer bound up.

Check Rod Pictured Above

Check for Binding on the Front Pivot Points

3.      Look the front pivot point on both sides over.  
            A.  Are the washers in the middle of the assembly loose?
- If not remove a washer so that they are loose. 

            B.  Is the bolt loose?
- If not loosen the nut so that it is loose. ( This should be a lock nut, so it won't fall off, when left loose. )

Notice the washers, and the bolt and nut of pivot point pictured above

            C.  Remove the bolt on the pivot point and check to see if the inner sleeve will spin inside the outer sleeve.  
-  If not, spray penetrating oil on the subject and try to work it loose.  (  If this sleeve won't spin, the frame is bound up.  ) 

If after doing all of the above and still not getting any better results, you can update to a spindle style scale system.  ( This does require replacing the spindles, and the hitch weigh bar. )