Completing Your REAP Subscription

            Completing your REAP Subscription

            14 Day Trial of Advanced Subscription

            After creating an account in REAP you are provided a 14 day free trial which provides full access to REAP. 

            Free version of REAP provides the following

            • Web Dashboard access for Setup of Fields, Trucks, Destinations, and Operators.
            • Mobile app Grain Cart Access for Collection of Data
            • One Basic Report Export in the Load Ticket Module
            • Remote viewing capabilities of the Mobile App.

            Full version of REAP subscription provides the following

            • Everything of the free version
            • Connected Account Access for integrations such as The John Deere Operations Center
            • All Report Exports available such as Field Detail, Field Summary, Grower Summary, Farm Summary, Destination Detail, Destination Summary, and Truck
            • Remote Control capabilities to allow remote selections of Fields, Trucks, Moisture, Operators and Destinations.

            NOTE:  If you have been provided a free subscription with a coupon code, you will still be required to provide your payment information, however your credit card will not be charged.   

            NOTE:  You will be notified of your subscription status 10 days prior to renewal, at which time your credit card will be automatically charged for renewal of subscription.  You may update your subscription status at anytime, or contact us at Scale-Tec (888-962-2344) to manage your subscription plan.

            Updated: 01 Aug 2018 12:32 PM
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