REAP 2.0 Web Portal Release NOTES


            • New Angular Interface with contextual Reporting
            • Supports three types of bushel conversions  (USDA, FIXED, and BRAKETED)
            • Supports new type of transfer method to support transfers from Destinations.
            • Supported User Profiles for permissions based access to mobile app.
            • Re-Worked integration with The John Deere Operations Center  to support easier setup.
            • Help Desk with availability of Knowledge Base Articles, Chat, and Request Form.
            • Load Ticket Screens allow for mass updates of moisture applications.
            • Fields and Destinations can be independent bushel conversions to match precision Ag Technology and "Payable" bushel criteria.
            • Supports CSV and PDF formatted Reports exports


            • Send Truck Report -  This report provides the "total" combined loads from the grain cart in a single line item after the "send truck" button has been selected within the mobile app.  This report provides easier reconciliation with truck load tickets.


            • Supported across multiple data center regions (East and West Coast deployments within North America) to provide higher availability and reliability in the event of data center outage.
            • New 2.0 API to provide "transfer" method of data flow within the system.
            • API gateway implementation to provide higher collaborations and integrations and efficiencies to benefit integrations by third party developers.
            • New Transaction method to increase efficiencies and less resource demand.
            • Autonomous server deployment and supports quick response to resource increases in high demand time.
            • Deployment audit methods for increased reliability and "checks/balances" within the system for quick feature updates.


            • This is an initial launch of major version.  No bugs have been reported.  Future bug reports will be addressed in ongoing versions of REAP 2.0.

            Updated: 06 Aug 2018 01:39 AM
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