REAP Mobile App Refactor

            We have completed the development of our refactoring of the REAP mobile app.   This really doesn't mean much to you in terms of features, however, under the hood, we are now more stable in offline environments which is a big feature that a lot of users rely on within the field.

            What is New?

            • New connectivity for the POINT scale display.  
            • Increased stability in offline environments for load ticket storing.
            • Increased stability in load ticket transfer from scale to app to cloud.
            • Grain Cart Mode feature improvements which allow multiple users to be within Grain Cart Mode simultaneously.
            • Firmware access to upgrade your BLE device or POINT device directly from the mobile app.
            • Increased stability to add Grower, Farms, Fields, Destinations, Operators, Carts, and Trucks from the mobile app, both online and offline.
            You must delete your current iOS (Apple) App.  After deleting, you must re-install from the Apple App Store.

            We realize this comes at an inconvenience to delete and re-install the mobile app, however this is the quickest way to provide an increased stability for REAP in preparation to your harvest operations.

            Updated: 19 Jun 2019 05:45 AM
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