REAP 2.0 Mobile App Release Notes


            • New User Interface Layout for easier navigation.
            • New "Ticker" navigation for Field selection.
            • New "Ticker" navigation for Moisture Selection
            • New "Ticker" navigation for Destination Selection
            • New "Ticker" navigation for Operator Selection
            • New "Ticker" navigation for Grain Cart Selection
            • New "Ticker" Navigation for Truck Selection.
            • New "My Operations" screen for SETUP of Growers, Farms, Fields, Operators, Trucks, and Destinations.
            • New "Load Ticket" screen for easier identification of load history and editing capabilities.
            • New Status Banner at top of screen to display "Mode"
            • Quick Selection of Mode to properly identify the "Grain Cart" mode and "Remote" mode.
            • Link to Help Center from the Settings Screen.
            • Link to the Web Portal from the Settings Screen.


            • Supports individual messaging from push notification for help agents to quickly reach out to users in the event of an issue.
            • Supports new API end points for REAP 2.0
            • Increased reliability of offline mode for capturing of data when internet connectivity is unavailable.


            • Initial versioning release, no known bugs reported.   Bugs reported will be addressed within future versions of REAP 2.0 mobile app.

            Updated: 06 Aug 2018 01:53 AM
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