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    • Force Restarting an Apple Device

      Force Restarting your Phone or iPad iPhone or iPad with Face ID, iPhone SE (2nd Generation), iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus Step 1: Press and then quickly release the Volume Up button Step 2: Press and then quickly release the Volume Down Button Step 3: ...
    • Updating POINT for PROX

    • How To Adjust Digi-Star EZ2 Series LCD Brightness

      How To Adjust Digi-Star EZ2 Series LCD Brightness If you turn on your Digi-Star EZ2 Series scale head & it gets dim after passing "HELLO"; here is how to adjust the dim setting.  Step 1: Press the Select key until you see the word "DIMMER" Step 2: ...
    • How to Adjust the PROX™ Laser Settings

      To change the settings of the PROX™ sensor, you will first need to unlock the buttons on the face of the sensor.  Please contact a product support specialist at Scale-Tec by calling 888-962-2344 and we will guide you through unlocking the buttons on ...
    • PROX™ System Installation

      PROX™ system installation In this video you will learn the following: Magnetic installation of the PROX sensor. Installation of the unload status light. Cable connections and installation considerations.  How to aim the PROX™ laser at your truck or ...
    • Popular Articles

    • GT400 and UNVERFERTH 410 Calibration

      GT400 and Unverferth 410 Calibration Video
    • 640 Indicator Calibration

      Watch this video to calibrate your indicator. Press and hold the "Hold/Menu" button for three beeps then release. Enter "640".  Use "RM" to increase the displayed value and "M+" to decrease it.  Press the "Hold/Menu" button to move one digit to the ...
    • Basic Troubleshooting Flow Chart

      Attached you will find a PDF version of this Flow Chart. 
    • Troubleshooting Brent 780, 782, 880, 882, 1080, 1082 ( 3 Point Compression Kits )

      Brent Series Troubleshooting  (780, 782, 880, 882, 1080, 1082) Prior to troubleshooting these Brent Grain Cart this article for the most complete knowledge about known scale issues. The Brent series Grain Carts are notorious for ...
    • Digi-Star Troubleshooting

      Watch the video below to troubleshoot your Digi-Star Scale System Interactive troubleshooting guide Try our interactive troubleshooting guide by clicking here.   This interactive guide will ask you questions to best troubleshoot your scale system.