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    • Soldering Rin Bars

      Remove inline connection Remove a couple inches of the outside coating on both sides and strip back each wire about 1/4 " Place adhesive lined shrink tube over the cable before connecting wires. Swap the green and white wires, all others will be ...
    • Settings for 640 to XLR Remote Displays

      Settings for 640 to XLR Remote Displays Press and hold the HOLD/MENU button for three beeps then release. Enter "640". Use RM to increase the displayed value and M+ to decrease it. Press the HOLD/MENU button to move one digit to the left. Press ...
    • Warranty Claim for Scale-Tec

      Download the attached document and send a completed form with each warranty return. If you have questions, please call us at 888-962-2344.
    • Reap Destinations Manage Weight

      To keep track of how many bushels are in your bins you can use the Transfer or Scrap option: When you remove a load from the bin, you enter in the bushels that you removed, the destination and how many bushels you have currently sold, to keep track ...
    • Enabling ISOBUS Communication on POINT

      To enable ISOBUS communication on a POINT indicator, a setting must be turned on through the POINT mobile app. 1.      Download the POINT mobile app, create an account, and connect to the POINT via Bluetooth. For more information on this step, follow ...