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    • Firmware Feature Release POINT® Firmware 2.2.6 (GPS over ISOBUS)

      PRODUCT BULLETIN Last Update: 06/24/2024 - Nick Von Muenster REVA FIRMWARE FEATURE RELEASE POINT® FIRMWARE 2.2.6 (GPS over ISOBUS) Feature Highlight Available today, the POINT® scale indicator can now interact with NMEA GPS messaging formats over ...
    • Enable ISOBUS PTO and GPS Detection For Use With REAP

      POINT now allows both the detection of PTO status and GPS coordinates over ISOBUS. If a StarFire receiver is connected, POINT will use its position data to add Lat./Lon. coordinates to each load ticket that is recorded. To enable these features, ...
    • DT4 Pinout

    • Scale Link 100-200

      Scale Link 100-200 control board Check to make sure the power light is on Wires are tight Fuse is good Data LED is blinking / on
    • POINT ISOBUS Troubleshooting

      Check to make certain that the cables are connected correctly. When connecting POINT to ISOBUS the power port on the far left should be empty. The ISOBUS harness that provides power and connects POINT to the tractor must be plugged into the DT8 port ...