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    • Enabling ISOBUS Communication on POINT

      To enable ISOBUS communication on a POINT indicator, a setting must be turned on through the POINT mobile app. 1.      Download the POINT mobile app, create an account, and connect to the POINT via Bluetooth. For more information on this step, follow ...
    • Programming Clicker Remote

    • Scale-Tec POINT Livestock Settings

      Lock-on Start Time Delay (in seconds) before starting the weight sampling after activation of lock-on detection. Permissible Range: 1 - 10 seconds. 2 is the recommended minimum.  Increase if “weighing” starts before animal is completely on scale. ...
    • Scale-Tec Point DT8 Connector

      The Scale-Tec POINT system utilizes the 8 PIN connector (AT06-08SA-SR2BK) that supports the following interfaces: Serial (RS232) (COM1 and COM2) CANBus (ISOBUS) POWER 12v DC 3 Amp Digital I/O (AWT Base Connector Only) Below is the standard PINOUT for ...
    • JD 1990 / Rin Bar Drifting Issues

      Repair Bulletin Date: 02/01/2022 Problem & Symptoms The 6” connection from the 7601110 weigh bar can periodically make/lose connection. This causes intermittent weights, usually drifting only a couple hundred pounds. However, we have seen the weight ...