Getting Started with REAP

Getting Started with REAP

Welcome to REAP!

Thank you for choosing REAP! To use REAP successfully, we strongly recommend you take a few minutes to properly set up your REAP account and connect your device(s). Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Sign up for a REAP account and subscribe.

A REAP account registration is required for use. Refer the help article here to sign up for your REAP account. You can reference the help article here to complete your subscription. After you register your account you will have free access to all features of REAP for 14 days. You must complete your subscription to use REAP beyond the 14-day trial period.

2. Set up your grain policies.

Within the Account module of REAP, there are five areas that are available to you for setup. Before setting up your entities (Fields, Destinations, etc) you must first set up your Grain Shrink Policies within REAP. Refer to this help article to set up your different types of grain policies.

3. Setup your Growers, Farms, Fields, Operators, Trucks and Destinations.

Refer to the help articles found in the Web Portal section to set up these entities.

4. Download and install the REAP mobile app.

Search for "Scale-Tec REAP" in the App Store on your iOS mobile device(s).

5. Pair your device(s) to your POINT® scale indicator via Bluetooth® wireless technology.

It may be necessary to configure your POINT® indicator to accept Bluetooth® wireless communication with your iPhone or iPad. You can refer to the help article here to set up your indicator. After you have configured your indicator to pair with your mobile device(s), you can now add the Grain Cart to the app. Refer to the help article here.

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