DT4 Pinout

DT4 Pinout

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      The Scale-Tec POINT system utilizes the 8 PIN connector (AT06-08SA-SR2BK) that supports the following interfaces: Serial (RS232) (COM1 and COM2) CANBus (ISOBUS) POWER 12v DC 3 Amp Digital I/O (AWT Base Connector Only) Below is the standard PINOUT for ...
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      Pin-out for the RD-4100/Serial Display  Part number:1906-0409 Pin Location Wire Color Signal 2 Green Data 5 Red Power 8 Black Ground
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      Pin 2 Orange Pin 3 Yellow Pin 6 Green Photo of Cable above
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      Load Cell Wire Functions Function +EX -SIG +SIG -EX GROUND Digi-Star, RAVEN, Reliable RED GREEN WHITE BLACK TRANSPARENT Weigh-Tronics GREEN RED WHITE BLACK ORANGE Dinamica Generale, Eaton, Rice Lake, Rinstrum, Trans Cell, G-ELDER RED WHITE GREEN ...
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      Congratulations on the purchase of your new Scale-Tec DT06 Junction Bank. This Junction bank is designed to provide superior connection keeping dust and moisture out of the connection, as well as provide easy serviceability for troubleshooting ...